We offer dryice cleaning service in house. We have a separate unit dedicated to just dryice cleaning. We have a state of the art air system to give us the best results. We use a coldjet pcs60 dry ice cleaning machine for full control of everything we clean.

What is dry ice cleaning?

The process uses dry-ice pellets forced out with compressed air to clean. The pellets hit the surface and turn to a gas that lifts the dirt and debris. The pellets hit the surface at -109degress breaking the bond of the dirt. The system we use has the ability to dial in pellet size, pellet volume, and air pressure which gives us the ability to clean the dirtiest metal or the most delicate fabric! Our machine can take ink off a business card without destroying the card itself or undercoating off the bottom of a car without damaging the metal.

What surfaces can be cleaned?

We haven’t found a surface or material it won’t clean!!

$ 250 Per Hour
  • Labor hours start at:
  • Engine bay 1 hr
  • Wheel wells, all 4- 3 hrs
  • Undercarriage - 8hrs
  • Clear film removal bumper - 2 hrs
  • Clear film ¼ hood and fenders -1 hr
  • All rubber trim, seems, and gaps - 3hrs


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