Now offering undercoating packages,
using Waxoyl undercoatings!

What is Undercoating?

We start the process by prepping the undercarriage using our dry ice cleaning machine. This gives us a perfectly dry prepped surface, allowing us to remove surface rust, dirt, and grime.

Next, we tape and cover all components that we don’t want to be coated. If the spare is under the vehicle we drop the spare out of the way to coat the frame.

We now start applying the undercoating, first is the cavity protection we spray in the frame rails, and body cavities to prevent rust forming on the inside and rusting out. Next, we coat all suspension, frame, floor panels, and any other surface requested.

We let the coating dry overnight and the vehicle will be ready the next day. Plan to leave your vehicle for a day and a half for this service

We offer three packages:

Small Vehicle

$ 1200

Medium Vehicle

$ 1500

Large Vehicle

$ 1800

*Taxes and fees additional
*Excessively dirty vehicles will increase cleaning cost before coating
*Heavily rusted vehicles are not recommended for this process and coating cannot be guaranteed.

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