This vehicle was brought to Leading Edge Autosport to prepare it for sale at  This Bmw m3 received our full dryice detailing on the undercarriage, engine bay, and all door jams.  Our skilled dryice technician removed all the dirt and factory cosmoline while leaving the factory paint marks and stickers.  We also used our electro-weld cleaning process on the exhaust.  If you have a vehicle you are thinking about selling and want to get top dollar then give us a call to see if this service can help make that happen !!  tel:6104318459

We are located in West Chester, pa.  about 20 miles outside of Philadelphia!

Here is the link to this vehicle listing


BMW e36 dryice cleaning before and after undercarriage
Full undercarriage bmw m3
E36 rear subframe and differential
BMW M3 front bumper and suspension
Factory “M3” paint mark
Rear trunk floor

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