Saving $$$$ at the pump

 The price of fuel is rising daily and no one knows when it will stop or come back down in price. How
can you cut down your family’s fuel bill and make every gallon count? No, I am not saying everyone
should run out and buy an electric vehicle, but instead, let’s talk about what can be done to your current
vehicle to have it running in tip-top shape.

Let’s start with the basics, which are the normal maintenance items that can be easily forgotten about: the
engine air filters, spark plugs, and tune-up items. Having these items replaced can drastically help how
your engine runs, which in return, will get you better fuel economy. Fluids, from engine oil, transmission
fluid, and differential fluid, are all important to have cleaned and replaced regularly to keep all of your
powertrains properly lubricated and moving.

Another very simple item is tire pressure. Make sure your tires are inflated to the correct pressure. You
can find this located on your driver’s door sill. Verify your transmission is shifting into “ALL” gears and verify
that your transmission is in good working order and is not making any sounds or clunks. If it is anything
other than smooth, it could be an area of concern. This is very important so that the engine won’t
overwork itself on the highway and around town, which would consume more fuel.

The next recommendation is geared toward direct-injected vehicles, which are most of the newer vehicles
today. Carbon buildup inside your engine from lack of fuel in the intake can cause multiple engine issues
and will hurt its fuel economy.

At Leading Edge Autosport, we offer walnut blasting. This procedure cleans the intake ports of the carbon
buildup to keep the engine running the best it can. Even if your vehicle is not directly injected, we do still
have some options that can help clean up the internals and get some of that MPGs back.

We always recommend filling up with top-tier fuel.  Give us a call to discuss your vehicle and how we can help save some money at the pump 610-431-8459.

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