When Should I Replace my Tires?

They are round and made of rubber, but did you know they have date
codes? Just like food can expire, tires can be past their useful life.
It’s your lucky day! Grandma Betty decides to pass down her 1984
Oldsmobile Cutlass to you. You get it and the tires have solid tread and look good.
Grandma drove the car down Route 3 at 30mph and never had a problem, why
would you? You get on I95 and hit 65mph and have a blowout! Why? Those tires
with a “solid tread and look good” are 20 years old and the rubber has
turned into dry plastic over that time.
When replacing tires, it doesn’t matter if you drive a Porsche 911, a Dodge
Minivan, or how few miles are on the tires. We recommend replacing those tires
on or before they are eight years old. Your tires are trash by ten years!

You might be asking yourself the following question: “How do I find out how
old my tires are?” Good question, on the side of the tire there will be 4 numbers in
an oval, the first two are the week of the year they were made, and the second two are
the year they were made. (Check out the photo above for the following example: the
number 4708 would be the 47th week of 2008.)
Always remember that tires are your connection with the road. If you must
panic stop or swerve to avoid a car, the tires are the number one factor on
whether you make it safely or an airbag deploys! At Leading Edge Autosport in
West Chester, we can help you choose the right tire for your car and your
budget. We price match Tire Rack so you know you are getting a good deal! Give
us a call for your tire quote today!!! Don’t ruin Grandma Betty’s Oldsmobile!

We are a Michelin, BFGoodrich, and Uniroyal authorized install shop.

Give us a call today for a tire quote!  We price match Tirerack610-431-8459

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