The Importance of an Oil Change

By Mark Ranieri, Leading Edge Autosport

Getting an oil change – what’s the big deal, right? I hear it all the time: “I am only 1,000
miles past due on my oil change” or “it’s just a quart low.”
However, oil is the lifeblood of your engine. If your body loses some blood, would you
feel the same way? Would you say, “I only lost a pint of blood, no big deal”?

I believe that vehicle owner should look at the importance of oil and oil changes in a
different way. Many people view oil changes as costly maintenance items, but in reality,
an oil change is a low-cost insurance policy on your engine. Changing the oil at proper
intervals is going to keep your vehicle’s engine running longer, help keep it as efficient as
the day you bought it, and keep all the other moving parts in working order. The
average oil change is about $75, and the average car price is about $50,000. So,
changing the oil three times a year will cost $225. That’s a pretty low price tag to keep that $50,000 vehicle on the road and running the best it can.

At Leading Edge Autosport, we recommend changing your oil every 6,000 miles to keep the engine running at its optimal performance. Changing the oil also allows us to look over your vehicle and make sure there are no underlying issues.  Since we’ve opened our doors, there have been numerous occasions where a customer
comes in for an oil change and we find something that could have caused a serious
accident or fire: from damaged tires to worn suspension pieces to small fuel leaks.
Getting your oil changed at regular intervals will keep your engine running at top
condition and will also give us a chance to make sure that you and your family are safe
while driving down the road!

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